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About Us
RiverRod.com is a recreational resource guide for Crystal River and the surrounding areas. The website founder and developer is Capt. Rod Morrow. Capt. Rod is a licensed US Coast Guard Captain as well as an active US Coast Guard Aux Member. All activities revolve around Nature, Conservation, Family, Safety, Health and Faith. 

Our Mission:
To bring families, friends and locals together in as many ways as possible. To promote all aspects on local industry in the Crystal River and surrounding areas with the intent of providing direction and resources to locals, vacationers and new comers to the counties. 

To create continuity between local industry professionals and businesses in the area while developing this website into a self sustaining resource. 

Capt. Rod Morrow
Editor and Founder of www.RiverRod.com
Owner: RiverRod Charter Services
Licensed US Coast Guard Captain
Active US Coast Guard Aux
Licensed NAUI Scuba Diver
CPR Certified
Certified First Aid and Trama
Florida Graduate class of 1998, "GO GATORS"

28 Years Florida Fishing Experience with heavy emphasis on Saltwater Bay fishing. Rod has fished several tournaments across Florida and Georgia including Redfish and Trout flats fishing as well as Blue water fishing in the Florida Keys and Tampa Extreme fishing. Rod has traveled to Costa Rica to fish for Sailfish, Billfish, Wahoo and Amberjack. 

Rod is a Father and a friend before everything else. He serves as an active role model for kids of all ages. Rod will put fishing aside to help any friend in need almost any day of the week. However, finding Rod not working and on land at the same time is a rare experience. 

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Capt. Rodney A. Morrow
Email: Rodmorrow@Riverrod.com
1- 352-258-3977
28 Years Experience